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How to have influence when you're not in a position of power

As an emerging leader, you see possibilities for creating positive change in your organization. You're inspired by the purpose behind the work you do. Yet you're tired of getting nowhere when you try to move new ideas forward. You're ready to make improvements, solve problems and co-create inventive solutions with others, if only you knew how.


At Rosabella Consulting, we show emerging leaders how to co-create the positive impact they seek to have in the world. We level up emerging leaders’ skills so that:

  • Instead of people working against you, they are excited to work with you to turn bold ideas into reality. 

  • Instead of feeling like you're not good enough, you feel supported and encouraged to do your best work.

  • Instead of freezing, freaking out, or blurting out incomprehensible thoughts, you communicate concisely and with confidence in important conversations.


Instead of spending your days doing things because "that's how we've always done it," you'll learn how to open people's minds to new possibilities. You'll have the skills to navigate difficult conversations so they go better than you ever imagined possible. What you once dreaded about your work will become meaningful and exciting. And you'll no longer feel so alone, fighting a losing battle, because you'll effectively engage other people to work with you. As a result, your days will be filled with meaningful work that challenges you to utilize your skills and contribute to positive change.


Mere hope won't make change happen. You have to act, and you need the right support. You have the ability to influence change. All you have to do is invest in developing your capacity to lead. Signup to learn more about the Leading without Authority professional development program to take a step toward creating the change you seek.


More about the program


  • Small cohort size ensures you receive personalized attention and support

  • Interactive live sessions make learning more engaging and relevant as you have the opportunity to process through real life opportunities for co-creating change

  • Learn to be a better human by applying the latest research on the neuroscience of conversation

  • Take deeper dives with your accountability partner

  • Establish habits that will set you up for success for years to come



  • 6 Modules - 90 minute live, interactive modules weekly

  • Access to recorded videos of lessons to review later

  • Worksheets/tools

  • Accountability partner

  • Pre/post assessment 

  • Invitation to participate in Journal Jams

  • 30 Minute one-on-one kick-off session with Ariana

  • The cost for this program is $1,195/person (Join our email list to receive discounts)


Learning Objectives

  • Objective 1: Understand how to apply the principles of leadership in order to co-create positive change

  • Objective 2: Deepen self-awareness so you leverage your strengths

  • Objective 3: Deepen other-awareness so you’re able to be an effective advocate for change


Why LWA? Why now?

If there’s anything that this year has shown us it’s that the world needs you. The problems that we are facing are complex, too complex for any one of us to solve alone. Your skills, your passion and your expertise are greatly needed to solve these problems. Unfortunately, most people are stuck in old ways of thinking and communicating that limit their abilities to co-create positive change. You have the potential to be the catalyst for great, and lasting change to happen.


Your abilities to adapt and rise to the challenges of these times are crucial for turning this crisis we are experiencing into a pivotal moment for humanity to thrive. Your leadership is needed and you can’t wait for someone to ask you to lead. You need to step up to the plate with an eagerness and a willingness to figure it out as you go.


You don’t need to have all the answers. In fact, you’ll never have all the answers. But you do need to know how to navigate co-creating change. You need to know how to leverage your strengths, how to engage others, how to be an advocate for bold ideas and how to turn those ideas into reality in collaboration with others.


We are already facing a crisis that’s changing life as we know it. We cannot wait to see how things turn out before we act. We must act now to co-create our future!


You can take one small step forward today by applying to participate in the Leading Without Authority program.

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