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Are you on track to meet your goals for 2021?

As I've reconnected with friends and colleagues lately, we typically take a few minutes to recall the last time we had seen each other. Often it's been two years or more, yet it doesn't feel like so much time has gone by.

Such conversations demonstrate to me how amorphous time has been feeling. Days, weeks, months, and years seem to encompass different things than they did before COVID. And while I sometimes feel like my life is progressing at a snail's pace, I keep hearing I have accomplished a lot in the last year.

Regardless of how any of us feel, time keeps marching on! Here we are, it's September already, the seasons are changing and before we know it we will be ringing in 2022.

Not even a year ago, there was anticipation for 2021 to be a bounce-back year. In 2021 we would get a do-over for the pandemic laden year before. We're almost three-quarters done the year and it isn't quite shaping up that way.

The roller coaster ride remains intense. Immense uncertainty continues to be served on the menu daily. And we are better at predicting there will eventually be a disruption than we are at making rock-solid plans.

Even though you might feel alone in these struggles, you are not. These experiences of part of our shared humanity. We are all grappling with finding a way to not only get through the day, but ideally to thrive.

And since the conditions that allow us to thrive keep changing, we too must adapt! This is a choice time to hit the pause button and take stock. To reflect and chart your path forward for the remainder of the year so you're actually going where you want to be. To stop getting caught up in the crisis of the day and start prioritizing what's important to you.

It's easy to put this work off. What helps me make progress on the things I tend to procrastinate on is accountability. This is an instance where my tendency to please others benefits me. And this is one of the reasons people value Journal Jams so much. There's no putting it off when you've committed, invested and put it on your calendar.

I get that this has been a tiring and hard year. I feel it too. And you deserve to give yourself the gift of your own innate wisdom so you may end 2021 strong. Hit pause with me, take an hour to reflect on where you've been and where you want to go. You'll experience valuable realizations coupled with a sense of relief that will free you from the day-to-day grind so you have the energy to persevere.

Prefer to do this work on your own time? I get it, below are some reflection questions for you to consider - work on them in the next 10 days, the sooner the better.

  • Are you on track to meet your goals for 2021?

  • Where is your time, attention and energy going these days?

  • How is that serving you?

  • What change would you like to make?

And if you want more guidance, more support, more camaraderie, or more accountability than these questions alone offer, then sign up for the Journal Jam on September 29th. More information and registration is available online here.

Whether you join me, do it on your own time or co-work with another peer group, you deserve to hit pause and recalibrate.

PS If you're wondering, "does Ariana take her own advice?" The answer is yes, in fact, I'm about to launch something exciting and new that I can't wait to share with you!

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