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Have you met TED? TEDx CSU is Coming to Fort Collins!

TEDx CSU is coming to Fort Collins on April 23, and I, for one couldn’t be more excited.  I first met TED just over a year ago.  I had finished reading, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Currents of Hope and Electricity an inspirational memoir about the childhood of William Kamkawamba.  His story is one filled with hunger, poverty, perseverance and a vision for a better future that he acted on.

So, after I finished his book, I did what I always do when I’m intrigued by someone’s story, I researched him online.  I wanted to learn more about this amazing person that taught himself how to make a windmill in a remote village in Malawi Africa.  I googled his name and up popped this TED video.

I really enjoyed watching William’s TED talk and kept watching some other talks as well.  I had heard some colleagues mention TED talks in conversation before but had never watched one before.  I had not clue just how cool TED talks were until that moment and have been an avid fan ever since.  

A Little History TED started as a Conference in 1984 to bring together innovators from the Technology, Entertainment and Design industries.  Since then it has evolved to serve a single purpose, to share Ideas Worth Spreading!  And it has blossomed into this international phenomenon with a devoted online following and satellite events called TEDx, all around the world.

The speakers at TED events are some of the most accomplished, intelligent, creative minds of our time.  The TED website features thousands of videos of speakers ranging in topics from leadership to scientific discoveries, from inspiring reflections on personal experiences to extensive research findings.  There’s humor, tear jerkers, and a wealth of information most of which is presented in a manner that is easy to digest while simultaneously expanding your horizons.

TEDx CSU I digress.  After having watched many of these TED talks online (and embedding them on blogs, social media, etc.) I am pleased to finally have the opportunity to experience TEDx in person!  TEDx CSU is being organized by a few motivated and eager students.  The theme is “Growing Greener Generations” and the impressive lineup includes presentations from: former Gov. Bill Ritter, sustainability thought leader Hunter Lovins, Professor and innovator Amy Prieto, IBE founder Brian Dubar and many many more.

TEDx CSU will be hosted at the Lincoln Center in the Performance Hall on April 23rd starting at 2pm.  Students are welcome to attend for free, and tickets are available to the public for only $12!  If you’re intrigued or in need of a little inspiration, I highly recommend getting your tickets today and checking out TEDx CSU with me!

Will you join me there in a few weeks?

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