How are you showing up?

These are unprecedented times we are living in as we face a crisis never before seen in modern history. While uncertainty lingers, one thing remains certain - the world needs you! You have a choice, you can show up with integrity and intention to create a positive impact or not. For those ready to heed the call to serve and showup, Rosabella Consulting is here to help you find and contribute your unique gifts to the greater good!



Answer the call to the serve!

So you're ready to take this moment as an opportunity to invest in becoming the leader you want to be. But where do you begin?

This moment is overwhelming as it is. So keep this in mind, there is not one right answer for where you should begin. There's the best answer for you, and only you know what that is! We are here to help you, provide guidance, offer support, and hold space for you to connect with and listen to your authentic self so you can share your unique gifts with the world, because remember, the world needs you right now more than ever!

Ready to get a little support so you can show up and serve? There are a few different ways we can help you make progress on this journey. Every month we feature a few offerings from Rosabella Consulting that help leaders like you find their voice so they may influence the positive change they seek to co-create.


Apply the Neuroscience of Conversation®

Important conversations need to happen where big decisions are being made but stress is at an all time high. While it's ideal to have such conversations in-person, reality is right now they need to be virtual. Our master facilitation services make the difference. Don't host another virtual meeting where people are disengaged or worse, there's all talk and no action. Hire Rosabella Consulting to guide your team in co-creating innovative solutions that enable you to successfully navigate uncertainty! Are you ready for some peace of mind?


A Misfit Entrepreneur's Guide to Building a Business Your Way

Unlike any other business book out there. A Misfit Entrepreneur's Guide is part memoir, part how to book and part resource guide, Ariana gives readers a peak into the unfiltered, raw and often emotionally turbulent journey of entrepreneurship. An optimist and a lifelong learner, Ariana provides tangible inspiration for readers, empowering them to make meaningful breakthroughs in their life and entrepreneurial endeavors.
Enjoy freedom through entrepreneurship with A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide.



The first step in showing up to co-create positive change is pausing to reflect and listen so you can gain clarity, focus and insight! Remember, the answers you need are already within you, we'll teach you how to use journaling to connect with and listen to your authentic self. Studies provde that journaling reduces stress, promotes well-being, boosts and immune system and leads to clarity of mind.

Virtual Journal Jam
Jul 21, 3:00 PM – 4:15 PM MDT

Richie Nelsen, Director of Information Technology, CSU College of Business

"Hiring Ariana as a coach has changed my life. She helped me build better habits that have reduced my stress while increasing my productivity and improving my leadership. I highly recommend Ariana's coaching for any leaders that are feeling overwhelmed."



Get inspiration to journal!

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