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Leadership Circle with Ariana
A Community of Change-Makers

You are one of us, a change-maker, a problem solver, someone who makes stuff happen, especially when others say it's not possible. You relish the satisfaction that comes from helping others overcome obstacles. You feel immense satisfaction at turning bold ideas into reality - particularly when you empower others to work collectively on those efforts.


Sometimes things feel overwhelming - the obstacles you're facing make you question if you're crazy. You wonder if there even is a solution, because nothing you've tried has generated the results you need. And the weight of responsibility you carry feels quite lonely.


But you don’t give up. You know you’re not alone. All you need is a little support from people like you.


You need a space where you can pause while gaining the benefit of camaraderie. You need time to sort through your thoughts. You need the benefit of a new perspective, so you may think differently. You need a chance to be real about how you're feeling. To feel like you're not alone. 


If you're nodding your head, check out a Leadership Circle with Ariana, we are a community of leaders who genuinely care about others. We are just like you. Problem solvers, change makers, disruptors, doers. And we believe that the answer is already within you - we are here to support you in finding your way forward.

Hone your emotional


Improve your communication skills

Generate new ideas

and refine old ones

Set yourself up to achieve your goals

Enjoy camaraderie

with fellow


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How does it work?

You don't have to go it alone and yet a successful change-makers journey begins within. That is just one of the paradoxes of this journey you are on. Leadership Circles with Ariana offer you a chance to gain camaraderie while doing the inner work to be the leader your people and vision deserve. During a Leadership Circle you will:

  • Make meaningful connections with other change-makers

  • Deepen your self-awareness and learn to trust yourself

  • Practice tools and techniques that will make you a more effective leader

  • Walk away with tangible and actionable insights to improve you efforts and relationships

We all want to show up and give our best to our work, our friends, our families, and our communities. Joining a Leadership Circle with Ariana is an exceptional gift you can give yourself right now so you may serve and be there for others.  

We welcome people at all levels of their leadership journey - from emerging to established. We recognize everyone has value to bring to the table and by contributing to the success of others we are elevating our abilities to thrive. 


"is good for my soul"


"I'm feeling grateful...the beauty of connecting with strangers, people who are willing to be open and honest and vulnerable and how beautiful that connection is, I'm really appreciating that in this moment."


"I loved it, it was share in the strangeness and uncertainty of this experience, it makes you feel like you are not alone, whatever you're feeling"


"It was strangely cathartic to just say out rumination." 


“I feel re-energized and grounded”  


“One unintended benefit of the workshop was that I felt contentment and peace afterwards- like I had just given my brain a deep tissue massage.” 


“It is a great release”  


“I feel like having to write out thoughts is a great way to get ourselves to think about the situation around us.” 


“This was great” 


"That was a very fulfilling experience"


Meet Ariana

Ariana Friedlander, MPA, is an award-winning organizational anthropologist, leadership development expert and author. She is the founder and principal of Rosabella Consulting, LLC and has over 20 years of experience empowering leaders to foster positive change within their lives, workplaces, and communities.

Ariana is a certified Conversational Intelligence coach, a certified HeartMath Mentor, and a master facilitator. She is the host of Co-Creators in Conversation, where she celebrates leaders who are challenging the status quo and creating economic value by caring about their people. Her methods help people tap into their neuroplasticity and the potential that they already have.


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