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Case Study – Being of Service Heightens a Teams Professionalism

Respite Care, Inc. provides semi-annual training for their childcare specialists. Most childcare specialists are young professionals that are working part time while obtaining their college degrees. As a result they recognized that many staff needed guidance about what it means to be professional in the workplace. They brought in Rosabella Consulting to address these concerns.

We conducted a two hour, experiential training program for 45 staff members on Being of Service to Others. The training was designed to harness staff’s pride in working at Respite Care so that we improved communication and elevated the overall quality of service. At the end of the training everyone was asked to set a personal goal to implement something they learned there in the next 30 days.

The training proved a success! Everyone on staff accomplished their goals. The team has even established a habit of setting and completing individual monthly goals throughout the year, directly increasing their professionalism. Communication has improved because we were able to create new opportunities for staff to share and address their concerns.

What Respite Care has to say!

“I have been through many trainings, most of which did not help create change in my way of thinking or doing. Your training, and the follow up of creating goals, has created a concrete way for us to hold each other accountable to change/growth. I will be excited to check back with you in 6 months and share the positive changes we have each made, as individuals and as a team.” LeAnn Massey, Executive Director Respite Care, Inc.

“I wanted to thank you very much for an awesome training. Our staff kept talking about it all day.” Lyndsi Hrubes

“I didn’t know what exactly I needed to work on. Now I have the goals that I’ve set to help me improve as a person.” – Childcare Specialist

“Since the training, I’ve been much more aware of how I am communicating with the other staff members.” – Childcare Specialist

“I think about my goals everyday and how I can work on acheiving them.” – Childcare Specialist

“I have tried harder to talk to my coworkers and I feel like we have been more of a team.” – Childcare Specialist

“I have succeeded at my work more than I did before training.” – Childcare Specialist

“I am more invested in helping other staff achieve their goals.” – Childcare Specialist

“I am working to accomplish my goal, talking to staff more, and trying to voice my opinion.” – Childcare Specialist

“I have worked harder in my relationship to actively listen.” – Childcare Specialist

“I’ve become much more confident in how to do my job and I’ve settled in to how I can accomplish all the aspects of my job without being flustered.” – Childcare Specialist

“I am more confident in my ability to work with my coworkers and with the kids.” – Childcare Specialist

About Respite Care

Respite Care, Inc. is a non-profit organization in Larimer County that provides short term, quality care for children with development disabilities, giving respite to their families, and enhancing the quality of life for the entire family. We believe that a child with a disability is a child first and that his or her challenges are secondary. With this mission and philosophy in mind, Respite Care strives to create an interactive, stimulating and safe environment that addresses the physical, emotional, social and mental needs of each individual child.

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