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Fabulous Fables for EntrepreNerds: The Gists

For many an entrepreneur, making their business their own is a journey all unto itself. We’re the ones that feel there is no set formula for success and yet we realize the importance of learning from others, growing and improving as we go. Sometimes creating our unique vision for entrepreneurial success requires that we apply lessons learned from unlikely sources to our businesses.

That’s what we’ll be discussing at the December EntrepreNerds book discussion, Fabulous Fables for EntrepreNerds: Business Lessons from Unlikely Sources, we will visit with some of our favorite children’s books. Here’s a review of the three we’ve recommended.

The Phantom Tollbooth

This is the whimsical tale of Milo, a boy whose perpetual boredom turns into insatiable passion and engagement after he goes on the adventure of a lifetime through the Phantom Tollbooth. Norton Juster’s literary prowess makes for an entertaining read as he weaves together a witty story that is quite literally a play on words. He covers valuable life lessons about minding your mind, respecting your time, choosing your words with care, not jumping to conclusions and the importance of perseverance; all of which are quite relevant to the journey of a successful entrepreneur.

Unstoppable Me

This inspiring children’s book playfully illustrates Wayne Dyer’s “10 Ways to Soar Through Life” through rhyming, colorful pictures and short vignettes. He even engages the reader to ponder how each of the ten practices has manifested in their lives. He packs some simple yet powerful lessons on the importance of believing in yourself, taking ownership for your life, enjoying the moment, giving to others and persisting in the face of adversity. All these life skills are essential for an entrepreneurs success.

The Giving Tree

This classic by Shel Silverstein paints a portrait of the need to be loved and the importance of giving. Silverstein shares the story of a selfless tree that unconditionally loves a playful boy. The tree finds immense happiness in giving all of herself to the boy who has grownup to be an old man. This story begs the question of one’s purpose, the benefit of giving and the personal definition of success, all of which are necessary for an entrepreneur to ponder and for which there is no set “right” answer.

Bringing it all together!

  1. What themes do you notice among these books?

  2. What children’s books would you recommend for this discussion?

  3. What lessons have you learned from unlikely sources?

Join us on December 12th for this book discussion

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