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Finding Your Mastery Mindset – The Gists

Do you have big aspirations? Do you dream of creating your vision of success? Is where you are now, where you want to be? Join us this month for EntrepreNerds as we discuss Finding Your Mastery Mindset where we’ll explore:

  1. The Role of Discipline in Mastery

  2. How to Have a Winning Mindset

  3. Scripting Your Path to Optimize the Mind’s Potential

Date: November 21, 2014 Noon – 1:30pm 

Location: Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce

Cost: Members $25 / Non-Members $35 (includes catered lunch)

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How It Works:

We recommend a few books and videos on the topic. Participants choose one book, article or video to review before the discussion that’s relevant to the topic. We’ll provide 4 pre discussion questions for you to ponder in preparation which will also help focus the conversation.

Recommended Readings and Gists:

Bend not Break by Ping Fu

  1. The Gist – This memoir about Ping Fu’s life starts in China’s Cultural Revolution as she’s separated from her parents and forced to grow up in deplorable conditions.  After Mao’s death, Ping was able to realize her dream of going to college only to be banished from China for writing a research paper exposing the country-wide practice of infanticide of girls. Penniless and alone in the U.S., Ping embarks on a new journey, first studying computer science and then contributing to groundbreaking technological advancements. After years of working in research positions, Ping suddenly has the urge to start her own company. The experience requires her to draw on lessons learned in her childhood as she tackles countless new challenges as an entrepreneur (in a male-dominated field). Ping’s memoir is sure to make you laugh, move you to tears and remind you of the key ingredients for any entrepreneurial endeavor to succeed: resilience, determination and creativity.

Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Home, Work, and School by John Medina

  1. The Gist – Scientists have made groundbreaking discoveries about how the brain works in recent years. While many questions remain unanswered, our improved working knowledge of the mind provides an opportunity for the lifelong learner to intentionally create conditions to succeed. Medina synthesizes findings from a variety of interdisciplinary studies to document the 12 Rules of how the brain works. Practical and insightful, Medina empowers readers to take charge and harness their potential by providing tangible actions you can take to optimize your brain’s ability to function.

Recommended Video

About the Facilitator

Carl Dierschow is a Small Fish Business Coach based in Fort Collins.  He works with business owners who are just starting out, or working hard to expand the success of their companies.  He’s an avid reader and hangs out with innovators and learners in diverse fields.  “If you’re not learning, you’re dying!”

Register Online Today!

About EntrepreNerds™: EntrepreNerds is the brain child of Ariana Friedlander.  Six months into starting her business, Ariana began to realize that there was a lot about being an entrepreneur she needed to learn in order to succeed.  A dedicated lifelong learner, she yearned for a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs that read business books and discussed their experiences applying the concepts to real life.  And so EntrepreNerds was born, with the first Book Discussion happening on March 1, 2012.  Participating in this simple yet profound and engaging professional development program makes the difference between success and failure.  EntrepreNerds Book Discussion participants benefit from making meaningful connections while expanding their knowledge.  As a result, participants are empowered to implement new techniques, behaviors and strategies to successfully grow their business.

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