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Why EntrepreNerds: Could you Benefit from Joining a Business Book Club

Would you like to join a community of professionals and entrepreneurs that are continually striving to be their best?

I did, and that’s why I started EntrepreNerds!

As a committed life-long learner I am always searching out ways to further my own skills and knowledge. After I completed my Master’s degree in 2007 I was sad to no longer have the opportunity to discuss the books on business and professional development I enjoyed reading. None of my co-workers shared my interest in professional development at the time and so I became unmotivated as I did not feel supported in my pursuits.

For five years I sought out opportunities that would allow me to learn the skills and master the knowledge I so desired.  Much like in my College years (at a liberal arts school), I reflected on my experiences, envisioned what I wanted to accomplish and figured out how to get there.  Eventually, I took the step to start my own company, Rosabella Consulting, LLC.

Brimming with entrepreneurial zest, I decided to act on an idea I had a few years earlier that suddenly started to crystalize in my mind, a business book club for professionals. There are gazillions of business, professional development, etc. books out there chocked full of practical and valuable advice. And discussing reading materials with colleagues or friends in an organized environment helps to motivate and hold the avid professional accountable with implementing the morsels of knowledge there are to be gleaned.

What is EntrepreNerds:

EntrepreNerds is a community of professionals, and entrepreneurs that are committed to expanding their knowledge and skills through self-paced learning. Every month participants read the assigned business book then come together for a guided discussion, facilitated to encourage experiential learning, so that participants may explore ways to actively incorporate what they read about into their daily routines and business practices.

What we do:

We hold monthly 90 minute guided discussions and professional development workshops.  Our goal is to encourage participants to move from knowledge to action by providing tools to support personalized implementation and creating a space for valuable discussion.  In order to best facilitate the experiential learning process, we provide: 

  1. Focused Discussion

  2. Expert Facilitation

  3. Implementation Tools

  4. Catered Lunch

Upcoming Reading Schedule: April 5, ’12 – Decision Making Smart Choices: A Practical Guide to Making Better Decisions Hammond May 3 ’12 – Sustainability in Business The Necessary Revolution Peter Senge June 7 ’12 – Organizational Development The Five Most Important Questions you Will Ever Ask About Your Organization Drucker July 9, ’12 – Business Development The E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What do to About it Gerber August ’12 – Leadership Flight of the Buffalo: Soaring to Excellence, Learning to Let Employees Lead Belasco

Sept. 13, ’12 – Financial Management

Financial Intelligence For Entrepreneurs What You Really Need to Know About the Numbers

Oct. 4, ’12 – Marketing

Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing Out of Synch Seth Godin

Nov. 1, ’12 – Personal Mastery

Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success Napoleon Hill

You can have the opportunity to participate in EntrepreNerds for only $40/meeting (participants are only charged for meetings that they attend, RSVP is required).

To join or RSVP for an upcoming meeting visit:

What would you like to learn at EntrepreNerds?  

Are there any books you would recommend?

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