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A helpful alternative to "I" Statements

Not all I statements have to include the word, I.

The intention behind making I statements is for the speaker to directly express their thoughts and feelings. Ideally, they are not projecting or verbally attacking the other person as a result. 

Another way to do that is to say “a part of me…”

This can be especially helpful in emotionally charged situations because it creates the space for inhabiting different perspectives simultaneously.

So, a part of you can be mad about someone else’s behavior and another part of you can empathize with them. It shifts the focus from taking a position to being in a fluid relationship with ourselves and others.

It enables us to release attachment to our feelings and the stories we tell ourselves so we may be more open and flexible. And It creates space for new ideas and perspectives to emerge that lead to better resolutions.

I am beyond excited to host the first of many co-creating conversations about my next book, Keepin' it REAL in the Age of AI, in the next few weeks. The first event is a virtual workshop on February 28th, followed by an in-person workshop on March 7th at Founded in FoCo.

If you want to elevate our individual and collective humanity while embracing technological advancements, please join us.  

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