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4 Reflection Questions for Managing Your Expectations During COVID-19

When we started sheltering in place over a month ago I had these delusions of what I would do with my time and this intense motivation to make things happen. So I made all these commitments to myself, and to others for the weeks ahead. It didn't take long for me to realize that I was overwhelmed, stressed and grossly over-committed.

I finally recognized that I couldn't expect the same level of productivity I was used to pre-pandemic. My days were filled with new, greater demands, like homeschooling. My energy was shot. And my emotions were in a permanent state of yo-yoing. The most predictable part of my life was that it was no longer predictable.

And a host of other emotions besieged me like disappointment, fear, anger and worry. Planning felt like a joke. Getting things done was a pipe dream. And yet the need to work didn't let up.

Somehow, I had to figure out how to manage this new normal. But the very idea of a new normal was also something I resisted because, well lets face it, who wants this to become normal?

So what's a person to do?

Well of course, you know the answer, write in your journal. So that's what I did, I wrote to process my feelings, to figure out how to renegotiate my commitments and to manage my expectations.  Because many of my feelings of disappointment were largely the product of me not meeting my own expectations time and time again, it was clear that rectifying this situation was in my control, just as it is within your control because our mindset is something we can choose.

Processing this situation and managing my expectations in my journal has been helpful. What I realized is that things will continue to change as this is a dynamic situation that is slowly unfolding. That while everything came undone quickly, the return to "normal" will be slow and fraught with many unpredictable changes in our lives yet to come. And that one of the greatest gifts I can give myself (and you) right now is permission to continually renegotiate my commitments and manage my expectations. 

So here are four reflection questions to help you manage your expectations during COVID-19.

  • What has created the greatest sense of disappointment for you so far and why?

  • What's realistic to expect of yourself and others right now and why?

  • What's unrealistic to expect of yourself and others right now and why?

  • As this situation continues to unfold, how will you manage your expectations so they are realistic?

What's Rosabella Consulting Up To?

We have another Virtual Journal Jam coming up on 4/22 at 10am MST where we will explore this notion of managing your expectations so you may create some balance in your life during this crisis. Learn more and register to join us online here.

We have launched a new website last week!! It's a work in progress, so only some of it is being reviled right now...check it out and check back for changes. Plus, keep your eyes out for another exciting announcement...

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