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Admirables: George Ira Carroll (Part 2)

Overcoming Adversity (con’t from Part 1)

After resigning, George traveled to Australia to visit with a friend for a week and a half. While he was there he contemplated difficult life questions like: “Who I wanted to become? What kind of life do I want to live? What kind of legacy do I want to leave?”

Deep Contemplation!

At that time he also read Antony Robbin’s Unlimited Power “that book connected with me in a powerful way.” It led him on the path of personal development, which has become a beacon of hope and possibility for George.

He returned to the states and worked in Pharmaceutical sales for two years. But that position was also not satisfying for George as he refused to follow the sales formula choosing to focus on building meaningful relationships instead. “I’m a total nonconformist at heart.” So he decided to leave and continue on the path of personal development.

“That’s when I had a really powerful journey. I took 6 months off and I had saved up right around $30,000 and I took all that money and re-invested it back in me…I basically upgraded me in that 6 months…By the end of it, you know, my whole intention was to start a business but I had too much fear I was too afraid of failure” So he re-entered the corporate world for two months before he realized he wasn’t following his passion and said, “Screw it somehow someway.” That was three years ago when he started his own business.

Thriving Today

George has overcome those deep insecurities that had caused him so much pain and grief. “I’ve gotten to a place where I feel more like me than I ever have in my life and it just a gift to feel comfortable in my own skin after 30 years of not.” His journey of personal development and healing has provided a foundation for his entrepreneurial pursuits as well.

George Ira Carroll Networking

Todays George’s business is thriving. He offers coaching services, workshops and personal development DVD’s. His passion is to help entrepreneurs realize “the possibility that we could mold our life experience any way we want.” To do this he uses various techniques including Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistics Programing, and other modalities for change, mixed in with his intuition.

George literally helps people re-wire their brains to unleash their potential. “Its about letting go of old programming and un-layering the onion to get to that core self.”

Through his process of deep self-discovery and actualization George empowers his clients to create the life and business they want for themselves. “We get so addicted to what is…the external environment and we can totally see past it. Once we change the patterns in our brain…we can have a whole new experience…It is really about going into our minds and visioning what we want to create.”

A dedicated life-long learner, George’s journey of personal and professional development continues. “I think that life is growth and when we stop growing we start dying.”

Mantras Radical Appreciation – “I’m so grateful for…”

Values Equality, Authenticity, Vulnerability and Transparency

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