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Chapter 3: Change for a Change

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

How do you feel about change? 

On the one hand, I am invigorated by change.  The idea of certain types of change, excites and inspires me.  On the other, I am a creature of habit just like you. I can get easily stuck in the hypnotic rhythm of life, continuing on with my own bad habits because doing so takes me down the past of least resistance.

When I started with this journal, I knew I needed to make some changes but I didn’t know what or where to start.  I approached Change for a Change as a series of experiments.  I asked and answered a lot of “ what if?” questions.  And I observed the results.  It made changing the hard stuff a lot easier.  At the same time I stopped glamorizing certain changes as the panacea for all my problems and focussed instead on just taking action to see what would happen.


7/19/12 – Set goal for second journal: Change for a Change

7/21/12 – Contemplate aspirations for my business

7/25/12 – Address my relationship with money again

7/25/12 – Contemplate ways to change my thinking.  Feel double-minded, like I am contradicting

7/25/12 – Contemplate ways to change my thinking.  Feel double-minded, like I am contradicting myself.  Visualize my future.

8/4/12 – After taking time off I decide I need to start working smarter

8/6/12 – Struggle with slow time in my business by beating myself up…reaffirmed that I am making a good effort.

8/7/12 – Wonder how to cultivate creativity consistently. Realize I don’t know what I’m doing.  Decide I need clarity about how to position my services.  Proclaim that I need to be less wishy-washy and stick with it.

8/13/12 – Conjure up patience

8/21/12 – Feeling maxed out

8/28/12 – Getting contradictory advice.  Told I am not a marketer, I am an Organizational Development consultant.  Feel like I don’t fit anywhere and contemplate where my business ends and me the person begins.  Realize that there are some things I don’t want to change.

Einstein Insanity Quote

9/27/12 – Feel nervous about pricing myself.  Decide to connect with my inner wisdom.  When I contemplate giving up I tell myself it is because I am almost there.

10/8/12 – Go from excited to overwhelmed and daunted

10/12/12 – Reading The Power of Habit and like habits better now

10/18/12 – Realize that getting positive feedback does not mean the journey will be easy.  Encourage self-compassion

10/29/12 – Feel freaked by my competition, rebound with positive affirmations

11/1/12 – Wonder how I am going to do it all?

11/3/12 – Realize I need to think less when facilitating and be present with everyone.  Learn about the law of attraction.

11/13/12 – Grapple with my Gremlin and decide how I will scale EntrepreNerds

11/20/12 – Learned about and started using ways to fix a bad day

11/26/12 – Get constructive and positive feedback about EntrepreNerds, which fuels my desire to scale and systematize it.  Ponder the role belief has in business.

12/10/12 – Nervous about scaling EntrepreNerds.  Contemplate the worse thing that could happen and what would happen if I succeed or did nothing per Jonathan Fields recommendation.

12/17/12 – Struggle sticking with a routine…wish I could manifest organization and realized I need to get past a bad limiting belief about my creativity.

12/20/12 – Struggle with needing external validation so give myself a pep talk

12/25/12 – Working to disconnect my self-worth with approval from others

12/27/12 – Seth Godin’s blog affirms that I need to let go of acceptance and praise from others.  Acknowledge that I have made a habit of it.

There is change for the sake of change.  And than there is change for the sake of growth.

Einstein famously said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I set this goal for myself, it was because I felt the need to change my relationship with change in order to grow. I did little things differently like buy an unlined journal instead of a lined one, which was my usual MO (I have since decided that I like unlined journals better).  And I made big shifts too like changing my diet to resolve some chronic health problems I was tired of, I am still reaping the benefits of those efforts.  

What entries strike a cord with you?

Join the conversation and share your reactions and your own stories about Change for a Change below!

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