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Creativity and Entrepreneurship

EntrepreNerds Discussion: Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Do you need to balance working in your business with working on your business? Are you innovating enough to stay competitive in the marketplace? Are you struggling to connect with your creative muse? Join us this month for EntrepreNerds as we discuss Creativity and Entrepreneurship where we’ll explore:

  1. Innovation in business

  2. Authentic creativity

  3. Discipline and the creative process

The Details:

Date: December 19, 2014 Noon – 1:30pm Location: Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce Cost: Members $25 / Non-Members $35 (includes catered lunch)

How It Works:

We recommend a few books and videos on the topic. Participants choose one book, article or video to review before the discussion that’s relevant to the topic. We’ll provide 4 pre discussion questions for you to ponder in preparation which will also help focus the conversation.

Recommended Readings and Gists:

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

  1. The Gist – Creativity is a crucial practice to building a successful business these days. Pressfield debunks the misconception that the most creative endeavors occur with a flash-in-the-pan moment of insight. Instead, he lays out the consistent effort and dedication required to overcoming our most challenging and difficult obstacles. Written in a series of short vignettes, Pressfield first helps readers understand the barriers to creating “Resistance” before providing insight about how to move past such challenges and ultimately embodying the life of a creator.

V is for Vulnerable by Seth Godin and Hugh MacLeod

  1. The Gist – Simplicity packs a punch in this picture book that’s intriguing and fun to read for all ages. A companion book to The Icarus Deception,Godin and MacLeod provide an alphabetically organized guide for the creative professional to challenge the status quo in order to create their unique vision for success. It’s a quick and easy book to reference for daily inspiration and a humbling perspective.

Recommended Video

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