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It's time for something new

The arrival of spring doesn’t happen all at once.

We don’t go to bed to winter one night and wake up to ample flowers, budding trees and warmth the next day.

Indeed, spring arrives with subtle signs and changes.

Sprigs of green grass in a sea of brown.

Birds chirping in chorus together to greet the day.

A crocus pushing through the snow introducing regal colors back to the landscape.

It's as Lao Tzu says, "Nature does not hurry. Yet everything is accomplished."

The cadence of our lives and work is similar.

Growth happens bit by bit, day by day.

Goals are achieved with consistent effort over time.

Signs of our progress are visible if we learn to slow down and notice them.

While I yearn for SPRING, I have to remind myself to accept the cadence of nature.

Just like I have to remind myself to slow down in order to create the momentum needed to accomplish my ambitions.

To keep showing up, doing the work, and looking for the signs.

Eventually my goals will be met and I'll be onto new ones. Same as spring how will give way to summer in the end.

Introducing the Wholehearted Leaders 15 Min Recharge

Are you ready to slow down and center yourself so you can make meaningful progress towards your goals while feeling peaceful and at ease?

This spring I'm offering something new, the Wholehearted Leaders 15 minute recharge.

It’s easy for busy days and long to do lists to keep us disconnected from our hearts. Being on autopilot makes it hard to live in alignment with our values.

Let’s make a habit of slowing down in order to get out of constant reactivity and access the wisdom of our hearts.

Join me, for a 15 minute Center and Recharge for Wholehearted Leaders. This science based practice improves:

  • Productivity

  • Physical health

  • Teamwork

  • Emotional wellbeing

In just 15 minutes we will reduce feelings of overwhelm, stress, fatigue, anxiety and tension so you can show up as the leader you aspire to be.

Every Tuesday at 10am MT and Thursday at 11am MT in the month of April I'll be hosting the Wholehearted Leaders 15 min recharge.

This program is FREE. Registration is available online.

Here's what participants are saying:

"It's such a great way to start the day and shift mindsets, so thanks!" - RN

“I feel re-energized and grounded."

Before - "I'm feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and tired of dealing with all the drama."

After - "I'm feeling better - lighter, like I let go of some stuff, and at peace. This was great."

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