• Ariana Friedlander

We Did It, Raised Over $3,333 in 3 Weeks Thanks to Our 66 Backers!

I am incredibly touched that we not only met our goal to raise $3,333 in 3 weeks, we exceeded it by over $500!  Thanks to 66 backers that contributed to SurThriving.  As a token of gratitude we would like to recognize our sponsors and scholarship contributors (unfortunately, we do not have the list of T-Shirt purchasers, limitation of the site we used!).

Chapter Sponsor


Page Sponsors

CJR Homes

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Exodus Moving and Storage

Scholarship Contributors

We raised a total of $1,788 to establish the EntrepreNerds Scholarship Fund.  Rosabella Consulting will match that making our grand total of scholarships available $3,576.  Cash poor startups may apply for full or partial scholarships to EntrepreNerds workshops throughout the year.

The scholarship fund was our most popular way to contribute to the campaign.  People gave for similar reasons.  We heard from a few backers and can say there’s a definite theme!

“I gave to the EntrepreNerds Fund because I believe in the work Ariana is doing and know from experience that when dollars are scarce, that’s precisely when you need help the most.” – Lee Porter

“I know firsthand the potential impact of knowledge combined with community when trying to launch a business or sort through opportunities. The EntrepreNerds initiative will be a game changer for some people, and I want to be part of that even though I don’t live anywhere near you!” – Lance Woodbury

“I contributed because everybody needs the opportunity to grow and develop!” – Carl Dierschow

“I’ve had many people invest time and resources into me over the years and I appreciate the opportunity to support EntrepreNerds in doing the same for those who are themselves committed to community building.” – Ben Story

“Because of how passionate you are about what you do AND for who you are” – Mary Hoban

  1. Dave Sanders and Lara Williams, Green Team Real Estate

  2. Bob Flynn, Green Ride Colorado

  3. Paul and Kimberley Deaton

  4. Theresa Marlin

  5. Bob Mann

  6. Carl Sniffen

  7. Jackie Compton, Compton Accounting

  8. Lance Woodbury, AgProgress, LLC

  9. Mandy Learson

  10. Robert Friedlander

  11. Sandra Retzlaff

  12. Becca Walkinshaw

  13. Ben Story, www.toubee.com

  14. Brian Frome