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Would You like to Achieve a State of Stress Free Productivity?

Buy Your Copy of Getting Things Done Today!

If ever a book could come at perfect time for me, Getting Things Done (the first book we read in EntrepreNerds) has, well done just that!  This workflow process management system boosts helping executives of large corporations change the dynamic of their organizations for the better.

And this simple yet practical guide is equally helpful for small organizations as well.  Admittedly, I have never worked in a corporate setting (ok, there was those 6 months I worked as a barista at Starbucks but other then that I’ve only ever worked in small organizations).  That means for my entire career to date, I’ve often been making things up as I traipse on down the path of uncharted territory.  Which is great, because I love working in that creative space.  And I think most small companies operate in a similar manner, learning/creating all the ins and outs of the nuisances of the business as you go.

So, it is nice when there’s a ready made system that’s relevant and “easy” to implement.  Systems are key for maximizing efficiency and productivity (alas, I will not be going down that rabbit hole right now).  And Getting Things Done, outlines an ideal system that is simple, and customizable for your unique needs.

If you’re wondering: How to decide what to do at any given point?  Is there a way to make sure that important tasks are completed in a timely fashion?  OR Is it possible to do all this while attaining a “mind like water” state (neither over or under-reacting)?

David Allen shows us how in this workflow management process.  His system is a simple yet comprehensive method for which to keep track of all the various things we are responsible for….which is really what is so overwhelming these days.

In this day-and-age, we’re all juggling so many different responsibilities: a gazillion passwords, emails, hard copies, phone calls, facebook, blogs, work responsibilities – tasks, files, projects, meetings, reports; home responsibilities – eating, cleaning, family, chores, insurance companies, cleaning out the garage (is that task ever completed or does it just live on the to do list permanently for you too?).

So, how do we simplify things in an ever-growing-more-complicated world?  By having a simple yet surefire system for helping you keep track of everything that needs to get done with reminders of when it needs to be completed, all without taking up anymore of our already crammed mental ram!  According to David Allen’s book, the key to a successful workflow system is:

  1. Documenting every single activity, project, task, etc.  EVERYTHING

  2. Process everything through an inbox

  3. Determine what the next physical action is for each item

  4. Organize everything into different categories that are visually, physically and psychologically separate

  5.  Put action triggers for each category where you’ll see them

The challenge for me and anyone implementing this system, is the discipline to actively practice it day-in and day-out until it becomes habit.  Discipline is the sixth and possibly the most vital key to achieve maximum productivity with a mind like water!

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