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Admirables: Dennis and Bailey Stenson (Part 2)

Flourishing Today Today, Dennis and Bailey nourish the community through their Farm, Happy Heart. This valuable community asset provides, fresh, local, organically grown food for CSA (Community Supporting Agriculture) members and sources to local restaurants. Using biodynamic farming practices, Dennis and Bailey grow nutritious kale, delectable garlic scapes, crisp snow peas, colorful beats, and sensational squash, among other crops. They are accepting new members if you’re interested.

A Rainbow Shines Over Happy Heart Farm

Happy Heart Farm has become a hub for community activities. The Larimer County Youth Conservation Corps has worked on the farm where they learned about composting, plant propagation, wedding and harvesting. There have been beautiful wedding celebrations hosted at Happy Heart, (where Dennis and Bailey are sure to dance ruts in the the proverbial dance floor). And there’s all the activities for members including, weekly pick-ups, a spring and fall festival, newsletters, and gourmet food tastings (yes please!).

Families Picking up their Shares

Their commitment to service and community has been further demonstrated by founding Friends of Happy Heart Farm. The mission of this unique non-profit is to provide locally grown, fresh, Biodynamic vegetables to families in need while celebrating self sufficiency and community by educating how food is grown, and how to prepare and preserve it. In 2011 Friends of Happy Heart were able to provide nutritious food to almost 20 families because of the generous support from area businesses, residents and other local farmers. Last October, Dennis and Bailey helped to organize a fundraiser to benefit Feeding the Families. The Heart of the Farm Festival, hosted at Avogadro’s Number, featured a silent auction, live music, face painting and of course dancing!

Bailey, the Butterfly Whisperer!

Values: Community; Serving – Doing what’s right; Self Realization; Leading from the heart

Mantras: It’s a dance, not a stance. We’re not going to be given any tests that we’re not perfectly timed to meet.

Dennis and Bailey Enjoying the View on a Bike Trip

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