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Build Your Brand, Build Your Business

Would you like to capitalize on word-of-mouth or social media marketing? Do you want your brand to be well known and easily recognizable? Building and conveying an enticing yet authentic brand is of the utmost importance for establishing and growing a reputable business these days. This month in EntrepreNerds we’ll empower to Build Your Brand and Build Your Business by discussing:

  1. Tips for Creating an Authentic Brand

  2. Steps for Crafting a Story that Spreads

  3. Ways to Leverage Your Social Networks

How it Works:

Everyone reads a relevant book (blog or article) of their choice before the meeting and ponders 4 pre discussion questions to help focus the conversation.

Build Your Brand, Build Your Business Sponsored by: Small Fish Business Coaching & Toolbox Creative Date: Friday June 20, 2014 Noon – 1:30pm Location: Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce Cost: Members $25 / Non-Members $35 (includes catered lunch)

Recommended Reading :

THE GIST – In this vulnerable memoir-esque book, Marc shares his entrepreneurial journey turning his passion for art and hip-hop into a multi-million dollar fashion business. Along the way he learned that building a brand requires combining authenticity in your voice and action with with “your capacity for change” so that you’re creating an emotional impact while leveraging your imagination. He calls this, “The Authenticity Formula” and asserts that it’s a dynamic, ongoing process filled with trial and error as you overcome fear to foster your unique self.

THE GIST Based on years of research, Berger’s quest to understand why some ideas spread and others don’t has led him to discover many unexpected insights while also confirming some of his assumptions. He’s developed a framework called STEPPS, which is a synthesis of his findings. Ideas typically spread because we gain Social currency, experience Triggers that make it top of mind, feel a strong Emotional reaction, making it publicly known, the idea possesses Practical value, and there’s an intriguing Story.

 Didn’t Have Time to Read the Books?

Register TODAY to join the discussion!

(EntrepreNerds has partnered with Firehouse Books in Old Town to offer a 20% off discount to book discussion attendees)

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