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Chapter 6: Practice Detachment

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

One of the hardest parts about the misift entrepreneurs journey is learning how to let go. You need to simultaneously hold onto a vision that inspires and motivates you to go through the day-to-day drudgery while also being open to new possibilities. For me, this meant practicing detachment more.


10/31/13 – Journal Goal = Practice detachment more.  Start experimenting with the Habit Loop

11/3/13 – Struggling to find where I “fit-in” professionally and feeling alone.  Self-doubt creeps in from comparing and contrasting

11/4/13 – Still need to get good with the discomfort of not knowing where my next client while come from…learning to be with my feelings without judging or shaming myself.  Revisit Brene’s myths of vulnerability

11/7/13 – The Art of Empathy enters my realm

11/10/13 – Love Carl Stormers message from #BIF9

11/14/13 – Finally have concrete evidence for how EntrepreNerds is helping others

11/19/13 – Focus on having exploratory conversations

12/3/13 – Tracking my time helped me get more mindful and aware to increase my productivity

12/9/13 – Prioritizing time better.  Being calm, having faith and discipline to take daily steps towards things that are important while giving myself room to rest and relax.  Making sure I focus on the Urgent/Important and Non-urgenet/Important stuff

12/17/13 – Realize excitement and nerves feel similar.  Am aware that the EntrepreNerds business model for scaling is not viable, but proceed with an opportunity anyway

12/19/13 – Practice deep breathing with hand on heart for more self-compassion.  Refocusing on how to grow business.

1/3/14 – Identify the three things that matter most to Rosabella Consulting 1) Is it simple and powerful? 2) Does it support a culture of learning? 3) Are we walking the talk?

1/7/14 – Get out of the habit of making desperate decisions by realizing, “It’s not a do or fail decision”  Over my gotta invest in my business phase and prioritizing things for this year

1/20/14 – Redefining success for me.  Complete IAMBW (I’m At My Best When…).  Decide that it is never worth forcing things to be a certain way.

1/30/14 – Teaching lean startup makes me want to use it more myself…that’s good!

2/21/14 – Uncertainty can be hard to fight

3/4/14 – Feel like a marketing failure and comfort myself by recognizing my good efforts at putting myself out there

3/14/14 – Revisit my MIT’s

3/28/14 – List 100 things I’m grateful for and feel good

4/11/14 – Feel like I am getting nowhere and not sure why.  But strive to remain calm anyway.

4/22/14 – Feeling like a hypocrite because I struggle doing what I teach

5/8/14 – Want to focus efforts working in the business by reviewing options/needs/priorities

5/14/14 – Feel like I am better at helping others than helping myself

6/12/14 – Tired of “best practices” and feel like there are many that should be thrown out the door

Have baby, pay self maternity leave and significantly cut back on hours when “returning to work”

10/21/14 – Feel like I am gaining clarity and direction in my business

12/8/14 – Mind racing trying to figure it…parenthood, business, and life in general out.  Decide to focus on being in the moment and drawing clear boundaries for business and family.

2015 – Give self raise while only working in business part time so I can also care for my daughter = Success

Journaling practice completely transforms

Letting go is hard because you care.  If you didn’t care it would be easy to let go.  But the idea you are pursuing, it is like your baby.  And just with kids, you love them deeply, fully and passionately but that doesn’t mean you never hurt.   

Your entrepreneurial endeavors will take on a life of their own.  If you stick with it long enough you will look back in amazement of where you have gone.  You will reflect in wonder about how far you have come.  Things manifest in ways you never anticipated.  Yet it is all oddly familiar because it started our as your idea, your dream.

The reality is that many parts of your business model will look completely different from how you first envisioned.  And that is a big part of letting go.  You document these ideas.  Then you put yourself out there, testing them.  Knowing you might fail.  Hoping you don’t.  Being prepared for anything to happen.  Marching on.  Discerning your truth from the proverbial business shoulds that pervade your thoughts.  And listening! 

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