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The Magic of the Pause

Growing up, my mom always said stopping one thing created room for me to do something different. She encouraged me whenever I was upset about something ending, "This will create a vacuum you can fill with new opportunities."

In our fast, go-go-go culture we miss possibilities when our heads are always down doing the work. It's called the magic of the pause.

Amazing things happen when we hit the pause button. We give ourselves permission to stop doing and start being. We notice things we brushed past. We restore and rejuvenate our well-being. We create a vacuum inviting new possibilities. We give ourselves the gift of space for opportunities to emerge.

At Rosabella Consulting, we are resting in the magic of the pause. We are pausing publishing new Co-Creators in Conversation interviews for the next month. It's like a mini-vacation. We are making space for new possibilities to emerge. We are simmering exciting new projects. We are resting and healing.

And we will be sharing more news in due time!!

What are you doing to enjoy the magic of the pause?

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