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Here's the something exciting

A few weeks ago I shared that something exciting was happening. After 12 years in business, new doors continue to open to me. A "chance encounter" is fertilizer for for me to stretch and grow in new ways.

That's what unfolded when I scheduled coffee with a colleague earlier this year. It just so happened that she was in the planning stages of a new initiative. And she thought my services would be a great fit for their program.

This program is about enabling non-profits in our community to have a greater impact by providing them with the resources necessary for improving their operations.

The Community Foundation recognizes that "prioritizing organizational enhancement is often difficult given budget and time constraints." That's why they launched a grant program that covers half of the cost of such services.

The staff at the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado reviewed the needs of non-profits and vetted local consultants. They identified five offerings to include in the pilot program, which are:

  1. Streamline Your Systems and Processes to Better Serve your Clients and Donors

  2. Nonprofit Marketing Strategies for High Impact and Outcomes

  3. Build Capacity in Four Areas through Organizational Assessment

  4. Co-Create Positive Change in your Organization

  5. Take your Organization to the Next Level with StratOp Strategic Planning

I'll give you one guess as to which program I'm offering....

Yup, you know me so well! It's Co-Creating Positive Change in your Organization. Here's a snippet from the program description!

"Even when it’s desired, change is a nonprofit, you need everyone to be a part of the solution to experience positive lasting change that will fulfill your mission. We’re here to elevate the quality of your collaborative efforts so your nonprofit thrives."

There are many different types of change this program supports. From establishing new leadership to pivoting your service model. From navigating disruptions to healing conflict.

This program is for wholehearted leaders who know that an engaged team is key to fulfilling their mission. It's also a culmination of the work I've successfully completed at Rosabella Consulting. And I couldn't be more excited to support non-profits in our community. It feels like going back to my roots since that's where my career began!

When there's new developments in business like this, it's easy to forsake the years and years of work that went into making it happen.

This opportunity came about, in part, because of my efforts as a community organizer before I even started my business. It is also the result of my focus on building and sustaining relationships with leaders I align with. And it came about because of my openness and willingness to ever evolve.

From the outside, it might appear like it JUST happened. But it's the result of consistent, ongoing effort, which will need to be continued.

I share this because I know firsthand how easy it is to get dismayed when things don't go according to plan. Or how disappointing it is when things don't happen in our anticipated timeframes. It doesn't help that there are so many messages reinforcing the possibilities of a "shortcut to success."

But immediacy isn't the end all be all. Tenacity, persistence and flexibility are key ingredients to any creative and entrepreneurial endeavor. Heck, as I explored before, it's also relevant to gardening!

Without a doubt, this is a really exciting development for Rosabella Consulting. AND I know I need to continue my efforts to grow myself and my business. To keep being open to new opportunities. This is a testament to the fact that my ongoing efforts do payoff!

The same is true for you. So, continue showing up. Keep putting your best foot forward. When things don't seem to be going well, remember to show yourself compassion.

There will be ups, and there will be downs. Sometimes they will happen concurrently. But if you keep tending to your endeavors, eventually they will bear fruit! Once that happens, you have to remember to harvest and enjoy, lest things rot on the vine.

Sharing this exciting news with you here is a step in harvesting the fruits of my labors. Asking you to help spread the word about this program, will yield an even greater bounty.

So please, let's rise the tide for non-profits in our community by letting them know about this wonderful resource together!

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