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It's a family thing

As a kid, I was thrilled when my Dad said he'd pay me to help with a mailing he was doing for his business. I learned how to fold, stuff, address and stamp envelopes like a champ. And I loved playing a part in his entrepreneurial endeavors.

I recently enlisted my own kiddo's support preparing for Rosabella Tea and Cookies. I asked for her help and she immediately came barrelling downstairs ready to get started. I wish she responded so promptly and enthusiastically getting ready for school, but that's a digression.

We had fun working side by side, making Rosabella Tea party favors! And that's what this tradition is all about, being together, honoring Grandmom Rose on her Birthday.

Grandmom Rose was devoted to her community and her family. She also adored babies.

When I visited her in the hospital before she passed away we heard music every time a new baby was born. Grandmom Rose sat up tall, smiled, clapped her hands together sing-songing, "Oh! a baby!!" Her jubilation was so sincere.

I have fond memories playing dolls with Grandmom. She was the only adult that consistently sat down on the floor and played with me as a kid. I always felt so accepted and loved in her presence.

Grandmom Rose exuded positivity and hope. But she was no stranger to struggle and hardship.

I could be having the worst day ever, and after speaking to Grandmom Rose I'd have a pep in my step. She just made me feel like I could handle anything thrown my way and I believed her.

Grandmom Rose made everyone around her feel better.

I miss her terribly. I wish I could share my life and my family with her. But I can't.

I can share some tea and cookies with you and your family though!

Seriously, Rosabella Tea and Cookies is a family friendly, open house style, celebration of Grandmom Roses' Birthday and the community we keep. It's been an annual tradition since 2015!

I've been told time and time again that Rosabella Tea and Cookies "is lovely." And it's unlike any other business celebration they've been too. Which, makes sense cause it's a tea party. That's not a common business celebration, but that's ok. It's a Rosabella Consulting thing.

More information about the party THIS FRIDAY 11/10/2023 and RSVP here.

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