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What if…We Donated 100 Books to Libraries in Northern Colorado and Beyond?

Updated: Mar 1, 2022


I am really passionate about helping more people learn how to be successful Misfit Entrepreneurs.  Which is why  I have this wacky vision for getting A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building a Business Your Way into the hands of anyone and everyone that’s feeling lost, contemplating breaking out on their own, and open to imagining a better future for themselves and the world.  Why? Because I know firsthand how reading one good book can change your life!

Our goal is to promote entrepreneurship and literacy by donating 100 copies of A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide to libraries in the Northern Colorado community and beyond.  You can help by donating a copy or more online here.

Here is a sampling of the Libraries we plan to donate books to:

  1. Project Self-Sufficiency Office Libraries (Fort Collins & Loveland)

  2. Matthews House Education & Employment Center Library

  3. Little Free Libraries (There are 23 registered Libraries in Fort Collins alone!)

We want to get A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide into the hands of people with less means that are striving to better themselves.  That’s why we are reaching out to non-profits like The Matthews House and Project Self-Sufficiency.  And that is why we will donate the book to correctional facilitates (AKA jails).

If one person that has been incarcerated or stuck in generational poverty gets inspired to imagine a better future for herself and gains insights about how to turn their dream into reality from reading A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide this book has been a success!

It is going to take a lot of effort to make the book available for those who need it and don’t have the means to buy it themselves.  That’s why I am asking for your help.  Will you join me in promoting entrepreneurship and literacy by donating a copy online today?  A copy of the book will be donated in your name to a library in the Northern Colorado community and beyond!

We currently have 27 copies donated already, so we are more than a quarter towards our goal.

Can you imagine the good we will do by giving hope to a few lost souls and showing them how to connect with their entrepreneurial spirit?  I can!

Join me and 27 other Misfit Entrepreneur’s by becoming a co-creator today and donating 1 (or more) books to libraries in Northern Colorado and beyond.   Signup online here!

Praise for A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide

“Easy and enjoyable to read, this book is an excellent resource for seasoned business owners, people new to entrepreneurship, and everyone in between – especially those “misfits” who know there is more to life than slaving for others at a job that isn’t right for them.”

– Ron Fey, Veteran turned Entrepreneur & A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide Co-Creator

“For all those entrepreneurs who don’t live life in the ‘business as usual’ way, this book demonstrates what’s really possible when designing your own work and life!”

– Jodi Womack, Co-Founder of & A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide Co-Creator

“This book is fun and informative from beginning to end…Too many books written about the entrepreneur try to break the journey down into bite-sized chunks we can follow like a cook book. A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide shows you that – while structure and focus are important – it is also important to understand this is a personal journey complete with all the joys, sorrows and fears that this implies.” Jerry D. Thurber, Co-Founder, CEO Innotrieve & A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide Co-Creator

“Thank you, Ariana, for being a passionate and dynamic champion for your fellow misfits, as well as for being a wonderful example of a one-of-a-kind 21st Century entrepreneur!”Janice Lynn, Creativity Coach

“Remarkable. Practical. Inspirational…Read A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide. Get ready for wisdom and insight that will catalyze your growth and transformation into a successful and satisfied entrepreneur.”

– Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA, Co-Founder:

“Ariana provides a realistic way to make your dreams come true. Her own misadventures are for your benefit. Take advantage!”

– Donovan Dreyer, Teen Leader Coach, Get Ready Coaching & A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide Co-Creator

“This book will rise to the top as a resource for people who are thinking about starting their own business…The bike analogy used throughout helps with the practicality and visualization of the message, giving it a common language we can all understand.”

– Jackie O’Hara, Founder, Jet Marketing & A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide Co-Creator

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