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What if…We Donated 100 Books to Libraries in Northern Colorado and Beyond?

Updated: Mar 2, 2022


I am really passionate about helping more people learn how to be successful Misfit Entrepreneurs.  Which is why  I have this wacky vision for getting A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building a Business Your Way into the hands of anyone and everyone that’s feeling lost, contemplating breaking out on their own, and open to imagining a better future for themselves and the world.  Why? Because I know firsthand how reading one good book can change your life!

Our goal is to promote entrepreneurship and literacy by donating 100 copies of A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide to libraries in the Northern Colorado community and beyond.  You can help by donating a copy or more online here.

Here is a sampling of the Libraries we plan to donate books to:

  1. Pouder River Public Library District

  2. Project Self-Sufficiency Office Libraries (Fort Collins & Loveland)

  3. Matthews House Education & Employment Center Library

  4. Loveland Public Library

  5. Little Free Libraries (There are 23 registered Libraries in Fort Collins alone!)

  6. Fort Collins High School Library

  7. Northern Colorado Correctional Facilities (Jails) 

We want to get A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide into the hands of people with less means that are striving to better themselves.  That’s why we are reaching out to non-profits like The Matthews House and Project Self-Sufficiency.  And that is why we will donate the book to correctional facilitates (AKA jails).

If one person that has been incarcerated or stuck in generational poverty gets inspired to imagine a better future for herself and gains insights about how to turn their dream into reality from reading A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide this book has been a success!

It is going to take a lot of effort to make the book available for those who need it and don’t have the means to buy it themselves.  That’s why I am asking for your help.  Will you join me in promoting entrepreneurship and literacy by donating a copy online today?  A copy of the book will be donated in your name to a library in the Northern Colorado community and beyond!

We currently have 27 copies donated already, so we are more than a quarter towards our goal.

Can you imagine the good we will do by giving hope to a few lost souls and showing them how to connect with their entrepreneurial spirit?  I can!

Join me and 27 other Misfit Entrepreneur’s by becoming a co-creator today and donating 1 (or more) books to libraries in Northern Colorado and beyond.   Signup online here!

Praise for A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide

“Easy and enjoyable to read, this book is an excellent resource for seasoned business owners, people new to entrepreneurship, and everyone in between – especially those “misfits” who know there is more to life than slaving for others at a job that isn’t right for them.”

– Ron Fey, Veteran turned Entrepreneur & A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide Co-Creator

“For all those entrepreneurs who don’t live life in the ‘business as usual’ way, this book demonstrates what’s really possible when designing your own work and life!”

– Jodi Womack, Co-Founder of & A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide Co-Creator

“This book is fun and informative from beginning to end…Too many books written about the entrepreneur try to break the journey down into bite-sized chunks we can follow like a cook book. A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide shows you that – while structure and focus are important – it is also important to understand this is a personal journey complete with all the joys, sorrows and fears that this implies.” Jerry D. Thurber, Co-Founder, CEO Innotrieve & A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide Co-Creator

“Thank you, Ariana, for being a passionate and dynamic champion for your fellow misfits, as well as for being a wonderful example of a one-of-a-kind 21st Century entrepreneur!”Janice Lynn, Creativity Coach

“Remarkable. Practical. Inspirational…Read A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide. Get ready for wisdom and insight that will catalyze your growth and transformation into a successful and satisfied entrepreneur.”

– Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA, Co-Founder:

“Ariana provides a realistic way to make your dreams come true. Her own misadventures are for your benefit. Take advantage!”

– Donovan Dreyer, Teen Leader Coach, Get Ready Coaching & A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide Co-Creator

“This book will rise to the top as a resource for people who are thinking about starting their own business…The bike analogy used throughout helps with the practicality and visualization of the message, giving it a common language we can all understand.”

– Jackie O’Hara, Founder, Jet Marketing & A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide Co-Creator

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