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Chapter 1: Awakening

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Awakening is defined as “an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something.”  My own entrepreneurial awakening was triggered by feelings of grief, loss and rejection…there comes a point in one’s life where enough is enough.  The sheer pain gives way to hope.  Emptiness makes space for something anew.  And uncertainty becomes the blank canvas which beckons the artist within you to awaken.

November 2009 – January 2012

grandmom and me 2001

Grandmom and me in 2001

11/13/09 – Feeling lonely, dissatisfied with job…begin to visualize my dream job. 11/17/09 – Open to contract work 12/1/09 – Working with negative feelings after experiencing repeated rejection 12/13/09 – Visit Grandmom in the hospital, it is the last time I see her = inspiration and grief for me 1/6/10 – Want to express my feelings and frustrations at work 1/10/10 – Reconnecting with my purpose & wisdom from Grandmom. Feeling empty. 1/15/10 – Visualize yellow blossoming rose as symbol for letting Grandmom go. 1/18/10 – Experiencing productivity issues 2/17/10 – Articulate how I miss Hampshire College, feeling lost without a mentor. 3/1/10 – Feeling bored, detached, overwhelmed and uninterested so I start to articulate a vision for myself. 3/6/10 – Feeling controlled by my moods. 3/16/10 – Feeling apathetic, lonely and unsatisfied. 3/19/10 – Reflecting on personal goals and reading How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling. Determine that I need to be more organized and have better habits. 4/8/10 – Participating in a Sales Mastermind group with Lee Porter is helpful, I particularly value the conversation. 4/12/10 – Boredom happens when I lack focus 5/3/10 – Want a new job, and want autonomy and want my independence.

Awakening Journal 1

I do not expect your journey will mirror my own.  Some parts may resonate with you, while others may feel completely foreign.  We all have our own burdens to carry and or own unique strengths to share with the world.  The important thing is to be true to you!  

I invite you to share your thoughts, reactions and questions in the comments.  Please join me in lifting the vail on the emotional rollercoaster ride that is entrepreneurship…we need not go it alone.  

  1. What entries stick out to you and why?

  2. What parts of my journey would you like to know more about?

  3. What is the story of your own awakening?

Next we will dig deeper into this journey of awakening from the perspectives of The Rider, The Bike and The Bike Ride.

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