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For Immediate Release: Finally! A book that lifts the veil on the emotional roller coaster ride of

FORT COLLINS, CO – Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur these days but no one is ever prepared for the emotional roller coaster ride that it can bring. The constant pressure to put yourself out there, along with the extreme ups and downs of big wins and repeated rejection… it’s hard for many to persevere. A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building a Business your Way by Ariana Friedlander and Co-Creators provides key insights to help guide entrepreneurs.

Ariana & Co-Creator Mary Francis at the Release Party

Ariana & Co-Creator Mary Francis

A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide helps readers who don’t fit the mold for traditional careers master their own entrepreneurial adventure. Ariana uses a bike metaphor to guide readers, provides excerpts from her own journal to highlight the trials and tribulations of the journey, and prompts readers to blaze their own trail with thought-provoking reflection questions.

In the Forward, Tony Middlebrooks, PhD, and Associate Professor for the Horn Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware writes, “entrepreneurship…requires two key ingredients from the entrepreneur: the ability to see the world differently, and the initiative to pursue their idea. A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building a Business Your Way provides the kind of practical, personal guidance that will catalyze both abilities.”

Jonah Berger, Wharton professor and bestselling author of Contagious, calls it “Original, witty, and inspiring. No one has been ambitious or daring enough to write a book like A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide until now. This is a must-read for Misfit Entrepreneurs everywhere.”

Inspired by her own childhood struggle to learn to read, Ariana has launched a campaign to promote entrepreneurship and literacy, with the goal of donating 100 copies of the book to libraries in Northern Colorado and beyond.

Everything about this book is misfit, including how Ariana wrote it. She engaged a community of 31 Co-Creators to participate in her creative process. Co-Creators paid to participate, which helped to fund the publication, and they provided feedback about the manuscript, marketing, and overall framework of the book.

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About the Author

Ariana Friedlander, MPA, is a community organizer, social entrepreneur, and the founder of Rosabella Consulting. She works with leaders doing “Business as Unusual” and specializes in fostering positive change within organizations and companies of all shapes and sizes. Ariana made Northern Colorado’s “40 Under Forty” list in 2015 and received the fourth annual Quid Novi Award for Innovative Thought. She earned her master’s degree in organizational leadership from the University of Delaware and has a bachelor’s degree in medical anthropology from Hampshire College, in Amherst, Massachusetts. Ariana lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her family.

For more information, contact Ariana or visit the website at www.RosabellaConsulting.com.

Book Facts

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform ISBN-13: 978-1523713929 | Paperback, 222 pages, 6″ x 0.5″ x 9″ ISBN-10: 1523713925 Publish Date: November 10, 2016

Available for purchase at the following places!

Amazon as an ebook for $9.99 or paperback $25 Createspace use coupon code BA5G63CE for 20% off Old Firehouse Books in Fort Collins, CO 20% off

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