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Admirables: Recognizing and Sharing the Stories of Respectable and Inspirational Individuals

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Every day I am amazed and inspired by the actions of individuals in my community and beyond.  Another’s zest for life will rub off on me, their dedication to a cause will encourage my own resolve and their optimistic demeanor will brighten my day.  These are individuals that I admire, I look up to them with wonder as I aspire to reach even remotely within the heights that they have achieved.

I believe it goes without saying, that my Grandmother, was one such person.  I admired her tenacity, strength and passion for living.  More importantly, I respected her!  I respected my Grandmother, not only because she was my elder, but because she lived life with conviction and unwavering dedication to her values and was quite successful as a result.

Since I gain strength, wisdom, inspiration and perspective from those that I admire, I’m seeking these extraordinary individuals out.  It is my hope that by sharing their stories with you that you will gain inspiration as well!  I’ll call these people Admirables, individuals recognized for excellence in living according to their values and thriving in their careers.

Every month, I will share the story of an individual recognized as Admirables on Life Lessons with Rose.  More specifically, I will seek out to learn and share:

  1. The values that guide them

  2. The mantras or beliefs that they hold near and dear

  3. And the defining moment when they had to hold onto their values in the face of adversity

They say that experience is the best teacher, so I urge you to tap into your empathy and learn from the experiences of Admirables.  

Would you like to nominante someone you know to be recognized on Life Lessons with Rose as Admirables?

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