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"Otherwise it might not get done"

There's ample evidence that the anxiety of anticipation is often worse than the event itself. Incessantly playing out our worries in advance creates undue stress and yet we all fall into the trap of watching such movies of the mind on repeat. If pervasive enough, such negative thoughts can become incapacitating.

Procrastination becomes a matter of avoiding our fears, which only exacerbates the feelings of stress and anxiety.

The funny thing is, that when we actually start to work on these things we have continually put off the sense of relief that is so palatable we wonder, "why hadn't I done that sooner."

Sometimes these challenges are small in nature. Like that time a client avoided making necessary upgrades to their technology for months. Once the decision was made and the changes implemented the benefits far outweighed the perceived risks.

Other times, what we are avoiding is bigger in nature, like setting long-term goals and figuring out a game plan for implementing them. Instead of taking a stab at naming our ambitions and charting a path for achieving them, we stay mired in the day-to-day hustle at the expense of what's most important. If the tasks are too big and overwhelming, putting them off feels easier than tackling them.

One of the best ways to subvert such tricky avoidance tactics is to invest in getting help. Signing up for a workshop or coaching is a simple first step in alleviating anxiety. Not only can you finally admit to yourself that you're doing something proactive, but you also relieve the pressure valve. With someone else providing guidance and support, you're able to let go of shouldering an unrelenting burden.

Becca Walkinshaw has participated in multiple Annual Planning Workshops with me for this very reason, "I know it is important to have mentors to help navigate areas that I may not otherwise, such as planning my year out!"

She goes onto say that the workshop "is a must-do! You will leave that tinge of anxiety behind because you will get all your bases covered and get all ideas out of your head onto paper, in a constructive and strategic way."

Indeed, getting the very thing that's been weighing on our conscious done is quite satisfying. Especially when that task opens doors to so many exciting new possibilities that were otherwise unavailable to us.

Repeat Annual Planning Workshop participant, Kimball Nelson observed, "I like the workshop because it gives me a chance to prioritize planning and take the time to make a plan. Otherwise, it might not get done in my busy day!"

What's more, when we find quality support for those things that we tend to avoid, the solution ends up being far easier than we feared. The thing Kimball Nelson likes best about the workshop is that "It is very well organized and easy to implement."

Have you crafted your plans for 2021 yet? What if you could stop experiencing the anxiety of avoidance by signing up for the 2021 Annual Planning Workshop today?

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