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Josh LaMar: Hypocrisy, Authenticity, and Building an Intentional Culture

Josh LaMar went on a sabbatical to recover from burnout working in tech and ended up co-founding Amplinate.

In this Co-Creators in Conversation interview, Josh shares how experiencing hypocrisy among past managers and leaders inspired him to start a company deeply committed to promoting authenticity, and amplifying the voices of customers.

Josh LaMar, "over time, I just saw these examples of hypocrisy where people would say, 'Oh, yeah, we're gonna do this for our users.' And it was something that people didn't want...just because something can make money doesn't mean that it solves a real person's problem...I think that that's a big part of how I've grown as a person in trying to not only have my own voice, but to create a space where we actually support sharing other people's voices."

There were many facets and skills to building a business that were completely new to Josh just over two years ago. He talks about the challenges he has faced in developing a business that aligns with his values and how he overcame them.

Josh LaMar, "I started the company not knowing anything about sales and marketing...I've learned over time, that the importance is not actually about trying to learn to be good at sales or marketing, it's actually just learning how to be me, and being there to support the other person."

Josh also shares the 3 steps to building an intentional culture. He provides insight into the ways he's worked with his team to keep their values alive and embodied. And he tells us the key to successfully cultivating Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

Josh LaMar, "part of...creating this culture is accepting people for where they're at...I think that being able to acknowledge and recognize each person for where they are at on their own emotional journey or emotional intelligence journey is part of it as well because I don't expect everyone to have the same level of emotional intelligence. I just expect everyone to be open to learning and growing."

This interview is sure to inspire changemakers who clearly see a better way to do business yet need actionable insights to make it happen. Watch it below:

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