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Case Study: Getting Unstuck with Conversational Intelligence®

Ever felt both paralyzed by fear and determined to do something anyway? This is the story of Marie; she was more determined than she was scared because she sought help and support to get herself unstuck and turn her dream into reality.

What Was the Opportunity for Growth?

When Marie came to me she was unsuccessful at re-entering the workforce full-time after taking time off to manage family priorities. The technical interview process for most positions in her field frightened her so much that she couldn’t even begin to prepare for the interview process. In fact, she was so afraid of failing the interviews that she couldn’t even apply for jobs.  She was basically paralyzed by fears and anxiety. Marie was determined to re-write this limiting pattern and needed someone to help guide her through a holistic process that would blend work and life.

How Did We Help?

Marie contracted with Ariana and Rosabella Consulting to provide a 6 week intensive Catalyst Coaching package using the Conversational Intelligence® framework. During that time we held weekly one-on-one walking meetings. Ariana developed customized reflection questions for her to use as journaling prompts, shared resources about Conversational Intelligence® and provided written notes re-capping each session. We identified the triggers that were causing her to experience debilitating self-doubt. Then we developed mechanisms for her to re-write her patterns after experiencing a trigger. The entire program was customized to meet Marie’s needs; we co-created a solution to her problem together.

What Happened as a Result?

After Marie completed the coaching program she felt more chill and began looking for work. She hit a few road bumps in the beginning as she experienced the triggers that had held her back before. However, instead of sinking into despair she began utilizing the work we did together to get herself back on track. She re-evaluated and re-defined the opportunity she was looking for based on lessons learned and began to trust in herself. Within a few months she interviewed and got two job offers…not just job offers, two organizations went to bat to hire her pulling out all the stops to be her chosen place of work. Marie took a position as a Senior Developer at a top-ranked hospital in health care delivery, research, and education; she finally secured her dream job!

What Do They Have the Say About It?

Ariana is professional, well-organized, very well read and educated, and creative with her craft. She is  a lovely person, easy to talk to and a great listener with a natural wisdom. I am more conscious of my thoughts and have started using various tools to interrupt and redirect my thinking to a healthier and more productive place as a result of her coaching. If you are open to learning and willing to do the work that Ariana recommends, she will be an excellent partner in assisting you to get unstuck and move forward toward your goals.” – Marie, Senior Developer

Want help getting unstuck? Schedule a Clarity and Focus Consultation with Ariana today and start moving towards your dreams! Ariana Friedlander is a Conversational Intelligence Enhanced Skills Coach.

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