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Other's feel fear like me

Other's feel fear like me.

That's what I keep telling myself when I experience the wave of panic, the weight of despair or the hopelessness of worry.

We all have stories of fear we have been telling ourselves these days. It doesn't matter what end of the political spectrum you are on. That's why I focus on the fact that even those with whom I might not agree, feel fear like me. Our stories might be different but the sensation is the same. The intensity, the sense of loss, the emptiness are the same for all of us - we at least have that in common.

This awareness enables me to shift from feeling consumed by fear to feeling uplifted by compassion. It's a powerful shift. A necessary shift, because operating from a place of fear isn't going to heal the rifts or change that which is beyond my control.

I won't let fear control me.

These are shifts I am able to make in the moment because of the centering practices I have that first enable me to bring awareness to the stories and the sensations and the loss of control. And from that place of awareness to claim my power within and take back control by shifting from a fear state to being fully present in the moment.

We all have the capacity to navigate such shifts, to show-up with intention and integrity, we just have to practice. If I can do it, you can too!

Save the date, 11/12/20, for the next Journal Jam and learn how to use your journal to move through fear to experience hope!

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