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The Day Has Come…

Updated: Mar 2, 2022


Sadly and yet triumphantly, she celebrated her last birthday six years ago.  She lived with grace and love in her heart till her last breath.  And while I miss her tremendously, my grief has taken me to a place where I more thankful than lost.  The pain I felt became the catalyst for my awakening.  And because of my own personal transformation, I have created a business that enables me to be true to myself while providing for my family.

Grandmom always encouraged me, “You go girl!” she enthused many times.  She may have lived a rather conventional life, but she was remarkably unconventional in her thinking.  It was in adulthood that this became abundantly clear to me.  Anytime I did something that challenged the status quo, she enthusiastically supported me.  I can still see the twinkle in her eye whenever I told her about the odd-ball dreams I was pursuing.


And it is with happy tears in my eyes that we dedicate the book to grandmothers everywhere, with gratitude for their unconditional love and wisdom.

May we all learn the wisdom to live with grace, gain the resolve to follow our dreams and be inspired to persevere when things get hard from our Grandmothers!

Let’s Celebrate Together

Join me in celebrating the release of A Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide at our virtual book release party 11/10 6-8pm MST on Facebook and our live release party 11/17 4-6pm MST at Old Firehouse Books in Fort Collins, CO.

Want your own copy?

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