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Four Reflection Questions to Get Moving with Intention When You’re Feeling Stuck

For the last month, I’ve been making good progress on my three goals for 2017. I’ve been working out, I deleted the Facebook app from my phone and I’ve been writing weekly blog posts with journaling prompts…that’s right, these posts are actually a part of a bigger goal I have set for myself this year and it has been a STRETCH for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to write in my journal and I jump at the chance to ask thought provoking questions. But when it comes to writing something that I’m going to put on my blog or email out, I’m I’ve been a world-class procrastinator.

So, here I go again, needing to write a blog post with journaling prompts and not really sure what I’m trying to say or how, and feeling, ugh, STUCK!

Which gave me an idea, what about sharing the questions I ask myself to get moving with intention when I’m feeling stuck?!?!?! Ding, ding ding.

So the next time you’re sitting in-front of your computer, blankly staring at the screen while you sweat bullets and berate yourself for not doing what you’re supposed to do, STOP. And start writing your reflections to these four questions to get yourself unstuck. It works for me every time!

  1. What am I trying to do?

  2. What’s holding me back?

  3. Why am I even bothering with this?

  4. What’s the very next action I can take to make progress on this?

The first two questions give me clarity and help me to focus my thinking. The third and fourth questions are the clinchers. The third question relates to your intentions and the fourth question gets you moving! That means you unstick yourself by staying connected with your purpose, and avoid busy work just for the sake of it.

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