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Try This One Simple Trick for Reframing Fear

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Do you ever have those weeks where the same conversation keeps coming up with a bunch of different people? That’s been happening to me lately. It’s like there’s this collective struggle we are all dealing with and it’s nice to know you’re not alone.

One moment of profound awakening I had years back was when I realized that the entire notion of being fearless is BS. Fear is always there. It’s hardwired into our DNA and for very good reason. The problem is that all too often we act on fear when we are not in immediate danger and that limits our abilities to succeed.

And then in the moment, when that voice in your head starts saying, “I’m so scared…” You can stop, investigate and re-frame your fear into excitement.

I think that this is largely due to the fact that the physiological manifestation of fear is similar to excitement. Think about it a moment. When I’m excited my stomach feels full of butterflies, my heart rate speeds up and my head races. That is exactly the way I feel when I’m scared.

This is why it is so helpful to deepen your awareness of how things feel in your body. I know, that may seem a little new-agey or out there to some people. But think about it logically, our bodies are like these super sophisticated machines that are hardwired with a state of the art nervous system that’s powered by a highly evolved brain.

Everyday our bodies are communicating with us: when we’re hungry, tired, hot, cold, have to use the bathroom. You might take it for granted, but every time you

Well, I suppose it does take some concerted effort. Like practicing meditation, yoga, journaling, sports, coaching, therapy, etc etc etc. Luckily there are plenty of opportunities for deepening your awareness here, so you can really take the approach that works best for you.

And then in the moment, when that voice in your head starts saying, “I’m so scared…” You can stop, investigate and re-frame your fear into excitement. In the end, I find it’s the excitement, the possibilities, the dream turning into reality that creates these sensations. And our brain’s have just been misinterpreting the signals out of habit!

Here are four reflection questions to help you re-frame fear the next time you’re in a bind.

  1. How do you feel fear in your body?

  2. How do you feel excitement in your body?

  3. What are you really excited about?

  4. What if, you’re confusing feelings of fear with feelings of excitement?

Tell us about a time you re-framed fear into excitement and what happened as a result, comment below!

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