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4 Reflection Questions to Help You Get Started with Your Startup

Ariana presenting on the Business Model Canvas at Fort Collins Startup Week!

For the first time since I started publishing weekly journaling prompts on my blog, I’m late! My apologies, this is Fort Collins Startup Week, so naturally I have scheduled all my speaking engagements for Q1 this week…and only two of them are at Startup Week!

Anyway, in the spirit of Startup Week, I wanted to share 4 reflection questions to help you get started with your startup. Although, these are really questions for getting started with any idea. As Rosabella Consulting celebrates 6 years in business this year I realize, my company is no longer a startup. And yet, we’re always exploring new ideas and opportunities like a startup.

That’s the beauty of learning the Lean Startup techniques, they are a relevant key activity for most businesses! Successful businesses are always innovating, finding new market opportunities and creating better solutions to serve those markets. Few of us have the luxury of sitting on our laurels and pressing the repeat button ad nauseam.

Or maybe this is just the Misfit Entrepreneur in me speaking…A big part of the thrill of entrepreneurship is the startup process. It’s having an idea. Formulating that idea. Experimenting with that idea. Evolving that idea. And releasing it to the world! Sometimes the idea goes into the compost bin and becomes the fertilizer for your next idea. Other times it takes off and becomes something more and bigger then you ever imagined!

The only way you will know where your idea will end up is if you act on it. So,

go ahead and get started with your startup by contemplating these four questions.

– What’s your idea? – Who will your idea help? – Why do people need your idea? – How will you connect with the people that need your idea?

Want to talk about your idea with fellow Misfit Entrepreneur’s? Join us for the first Misfit Entrepreneur Hangout of 2017! This is a casual meet and greet where we will do introductions, chat about the Misfit Entrepreneur’s Journey and share updates on our campaign to Promote Entrepreneurship & Literacy. RSVP online here or here on Facebook!

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