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Embracing STILLness

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A year ago stores were selling out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. There was a frenzy of activity as an invisible enemy swept across the world. And the presence of fear reached a fever pitch.

One day we were out, going to art openings, visiting with friends, dining in restaurants. And the next our world became immanently smaller. At the time, I recall thinking, "we just have to hunker down for a few weeks."

In many ways, my cleared schedule created an opportunity to embrace stillness. There weren't meetings to run off to. Rushing through the day was a thing of the past. And the immense uncertainty resulted in my plans for the months to come resembling the blank pages in my journal.

For the first time in my life, I was forced to live in the present moment like I never had before. And I kinda liked it. That is, once I could let go of the incessant mental chatter that was on an unyielding mission to freak me out.

In the last year, I have become abundantly aware of the scarcity of stillness in the modern world. It turns out that, while uncomfortable and awkward for the proverbial digital nomad, stillness is a quality with increasing importance.

The overall malaise we were suffering before the pandemic struck is a direct result of lost connection. Deep and meaningful connection that starts with being present to one's inner world and radiates out others. The kind of connection that occurs when you sit in silence with a friend who just lost a child and hold their hand while you both cry. The connection that says, you are worthy of love and belonging, you are enough just as you are. The kind of connection we all innately crave as humans.

And so, to create the connection we all so yearn for, we must embrace STILLness. Sometimes that means not filling a void when we find ourselves with an unexpected spaciousness of nothing that needs to be done now and no one that needs us. Other times that means experiencing peacefulness despite being surrounded by chaos.

In either instance, embracing STILLness requires a boundary. To say, "I am enough as I am right now!" And letting go of the need to do more, to produce, to consume, to go, go, go. And instead to simply be still! Because it is through such stillness that we create deeper connections within that radiate out to others; stillness enables us to show up as the leaders, entrepreneurs, parents, partners and friends we want to be. Regardless of what's happening (or not) in the world around us.

As I reflect on the last year and look to the future unfolding before us with things getting "back to normal" there's one thing I want to carry forward, stillness.

Are you ready to be still? Journaling enables you to embrace and enjoy STILLness, here are some prompts to get you started.

  1. Slow down - what if you allowed your pace to slow down and so you could be present with yourself in this moment?

  2. Think differently - what's another way to look at this?

  3. Insight - how are you creating space for insights to emerge?

  4. Listen within - what happens when you listen within?

  5. Love yourself - What if you show yourself love and compassion regardless of what thoughts come up?

Would you like to connect with others while embracing stillness? Are you ready to rebound better than before? There's still time to join us for today's Journal Jam. Signup online here.

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