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How to Write a Winning Nomination for the E+ Awards

It’s that time of year again… we are now accepting nominations for the 2016 E+ Awards!  Our all Youth E+ Leadership Team will be choosing the awards recipients again this year.  So, not only is this an opportunity for you to recognize someone you know that’s challenging the status quo and making a positive impact. It is also a chance for you to educate high school students about the cool things happening in our community and beyond!

Three recipients will be chosen for the 2016 E+ Awards for: Having the Courage to Show-up Authentically, Taking a Risk, and Challenging the Status Quo.  One Awardee will be selected for each of the three categories:

  1. Youth (Nominee is under 21)

  2. Local/Regional Impact (Northern Colorado)

  3. National/Global Impact (Beyond Colorado)

You can make a nomination online here!

Want to know how to write a winning nomination?  Checkout the nominations for the 2015 E+ Awards Recipients below and start drafting a nomination for someone deserving that you know today!

2015 Youth E+ Award Recipient Zayne’s Nomination

Chase Hopkins presented Zanye the 2015 Youth E+ Award

Chase Hopkins presented Zanye the 2015 Youth E+ Award

What are you nominating this person(s) for an E+ Award for? Zayne is one of the hardest workers I have had the opportunity to work with. He has been more than the ideal student helping to plan and execute our 3rd Annual Silent Auction and Dinner benefiting all students enrolled in our high school involved in student activities and academic organizations. Zayne works tirelessly collecting donations, organizing vendors for the event, promoting the event, and selling tickets for the event. Last year with Zayne’s leadership we were able to raise over $9,000.00 dollars for students at Fort Collins high school and hope to raise more this year.

How has the person(s) you are nominating created an impact as a result of their efforts? With the success of the Silent Auction and Zayne’s vision and leadership we were able to help students in the Music department travel to Europe, Student Council students were able to attend a state leadership conference. FBLA and DECA students were assisted in their travels to the National competitions in Chicago and Nashville, Students that would not otherwise be able to afford to attend Prom or purchase a graduation gown now have the opportunity to do such activities with the funds raised from the event!

2015 Local/Regional Award Recipient Becca Walkinshaw’s Nomination

Regional Award Recipient Becca Walkinshaw

Regional Award Recipient Becca Walkinshaw

What are you nominating this person(s) for an E+ Award for? Becca is the reason that Gallegos Sanitation (GSI) has embraced sustainability. She created her position, Sustainability Coordinator, with the company because she wanted to live her values at work. Becca is continually challenging them to operate in more environmentally and socially conscious ways. She has reduced the companies footprint while enhancing their image in the community. Becca is such an unsung hero. She does this work because it is the right thing to do and never for the recognition or glory. In addition to her role with the company she also volunteers as an advisor to the City of Fort Collins Climate Wise program, the Chamber’s Environmental Committee and the USGBC.

How has the person(s) you are nominating created an impact as a result of their efforts? I don’t know exactly how many tons of trash have been diverted from the landfill because of Becca but I know it’s a lot. GSI does green events, with composting and all, because of her. As a result of her efforts, recycling at events increased by 85%. She also works with students at PSD to educate them about recycling, composting and alternatives to throwing things out.

2015 National/Global Award Recipient Gabriel Lengamunyak Nomination

E+ Award_Global_2015

How has the person(s) you are nominating created an impact as a result of their efforts? By forming and teaching in the Samburu Morani Education Programme, Gabriel is giving young men a chance that wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to learn and pursue an education. Creating a more educated population leads to a healthier community that supports women’s rights, education and plants the seed of hope in the hearts of young people that they can become something amazing and do meaningful work.

Nominations are due by October 31st. Award recipients will be announced on January 1, 2017!

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