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Four Reflection Questions to Fix a Bad Day

Sometimes I just don’t feel on my game. The weather is dreary, it’s cold outside and there’s a fierce wind whipping around. Then there’s a mixup, a no-show for an appointment I re-arranged my entire schedule to accommodate. Things continue to pile-on, car troubles, computer issues, the rude waiter. After a while, I’m ready to pack my bag, crawl into a hole and wait to come out until it’s spring…if only!

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. As much as I would love to hibernate on bad days, I cannot. I still have emails to answer, calls to make, reports to provide and blog posts to write. I have my family to care for; meals to be made and eaten, and a house to be cleaned up.

Bad days happen to all of us. Rather then let a few bad experiences ruin my day, I give myself time and space to write in my journal! Here are some of the reflection questions I ponder to help me fix a bad day:

– What happened?

– Why is this upsetting me? – What can I do to remedy this situation? – What about today can I be thankful for?

Karla McLaren says that “emotions are action-requiring neurological programs.” In other words, your feelings are a signal to take action. If you’re having a bad you, you’re feeling something. Maybe it’s anger or frustration or sadness. Whatever you’re feeling you owe it to yourself to process the situation, to understand what you’re feeling, why and then to architect a remedy.

If after all of that you’re still feeling perturbed, recall a few things you are grateful for. Even on bad days there are somethings going right, clean water to drink, a roof over your head, a family that loves you, a printer that’s working, a cozy sweater…the list can go on. At some point you have to stop focusing on what’s wrong and start giving your attention to what’s right. After all, what you think about is what you get!

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