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4 Easy steps you can follow to gain CLARITY when you need it most

Prefer to watch a video about Journaling for CLARITY? check it out below

At the end of Journal Jams, I often ask participants to use one word to describe their experience. There’s always at least one person who says, “clarity”.

I couldn’t agree more. Journaling offers me clarity when I need it most, which ironically coincides with when it can be the hardest to come by.

One time I was dealing with a particularly challenging situation. There was a lot of drama, and I was so stressed by it I felt frozen. I was struggling because the situation excavated vestiges of childhood trauma. It wasn't just the present moment that was overwhelming me, it was also the fact that I was reliving a painful past in the process.

Taking to the pages of my journal helped me to uncover the link between my present challenges and my past. As a result, I was able to separate the two instances in my mind. That enabled me to connect with my current needs and identify a way forward that had previously eluded me. As the situation continued to unfold, I could anchor myself by recalling the insights I gained from my journaling practice.

In the end, I was able to resolve the conflict. The clarity I gained from journaling allowed me to move forward with peace of mind and no regrets.

Whenever we are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, confused or surrounded by uncertainty it’s easy to fall into a patterned threat response - fight, flight, freeze or appease.

When our bodies internalize stress we literally lose the ability to think rationally. Making decisions becomes difficult. We are unable to think of things from other points of view. Our perspective of the situation becomes myopic, mired by our fears. And as a result, we aren't able to fully anticipate our impacts nor the consequences.

What's more, I've found that the way stress limits my rational functions compounds the problems. I worry about not being able to handle the situation, because in that moment I quite literally cannot.

Journaling helps me to slow down by offering me a safe place for processing my thoughts and feelings. Instead of staying stuck in this loop of worry and concern, I am able to step back. Getting perspective gives me a birds-eye view of the situation. Having a good vantage point changes everything.

Are you struggling to find a solution to a difficult problem? Checkout the next Journal Jam on March 11.

Here are some prompts to help you use Journaling to gain CLARITY when you're experiencing stress, overwhelm, or uncertainty.

Journaling Prompts for gaining CLARITY

  • CLear your head - release all your thoughts, feelings, and ideas on the page

  • Attune your inner world - connect with a belief or thought that gives you hope

  • Re-Imagine what’s possible - explore all possibilities by asking what if...? questions

  • Trust Yourself - let go of over-thinking, listen within & follow your intuition

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